Our Midlands, SC Community

Columbia, SC is a larger medium-sized city located in the state of South Carolina and has holds the bragging rights of being the largest community in South Carolina.

Thanks to Fort Jackson, 11.55% of the workforce is employed in the armed forces, making the military a huge focus of life in Columbia. Even though it is a military town, the civilian sector still plays an important role in the local economy.

Combining city textures and college town sensibilities, the “Famously Hot City” really has a nice blend of characteristics. While not a huge city, Columbia is big enough to offer a healthy dose of diversion, opportunity, and amenity to its residents and to the thousands of college students who descend on it every fall. Its size and diversity makes Columbia more than just a college town.

Lexington, SC is a medium-sized town located along the banks of Lake Murray.  There’s nothing like the smell of a brand new house, and in Lexington, you’ll find that a large proportion of houses were recently built. New growth in residential real estate is an indication that people are choosing to move to Lexington, and putting down their money on brand new construction.  As the community continues to grow, new restaurants and stores are opening on Main Street and the busier thoroughfares.

Irmo, SC  is located off the shore of Lake Murray and only ten miles from Columbia, the capital of South Carolina, Irmo was a sleepy little town of 500 people in the early 1970’s. Today with more than 12,000 residents Irmo is one of the country’s most sought after places to live. Irmo was recognized by Safewise in 2015 as “One of the Safest Cities” in South Carolina”.  Irmo is home to the annual Okra Strut Festival held the last weekend of September every year.

Blythewood, SC is a very small town located on the northeast side of Columbia.  Much of the housing stock in Blythewood was built relatively recently. The construction of new real estate can often be taken as an indication that the local Blythewood economy is robust, and that jobs or other amenities are attracting an influx of new residents. It is a fairly quiet town but growing during our booming economy.